A December to Remember

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Happy December from the Queen of Hartz!

December and Christmas are one of the most wonderful times of the year and yet it can be the hardest time of the year for some people. We are not all coupled up, we may have lost a partner this year. Maybe our marriage or partnership is no longer meeting our expectations.

People in these situations might avoid the Christmas get together’s and the time spent with others during the holidays. I was recently at a company Christmas party where so many people had brought a cousin, neighbor, friend as their date. No one’s life is perfect, join in the festivities and have more fun this Christmas.

Life is now – I will be looking to help more single people in the new year and more people with relationship management. In the meantime, enjoy the season of Love! That is how it all started and always will be xoxoxo

PS>  Reach out with the love you have, you cannot give too much away. Be kind and make someone’s day. Share your Blessings.